Mystical Prague

Its a place where Golhem was born from the ashes and the dust in jewish cemetery. Its a place where the Charles bridge still tells a story. Its one of those mystical places where you will find history everywhere. Everyone turn and the corner of the street you are sure to find some interesting and mundane things to look for – always keep your camera ready.

When I travel, I like to wake up super early and go out with my camera and take pictures. Mostly because of the golden hour and also because you will avoid tourists. One of the best experience in Prague was the Charles Bridge. I was at the Charles bridge at 5.30 in the morning, yes 5.30 am. I thought I was the only fool at Charles bridge at that hour.. well, I was so wrong. There were at least 50 photographers lined up with there tripod stand and waiting for the sun to break through the morning mist. It was one of those perfect morning where the mysticism really came true.

I hope the pictures will justify my experience of Prague

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